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Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

Posted on: September 3, 2010 1:09 pm
Edited on: September 3, 2010 2:56 pm
Nyjer Morgan Nyjer Morgan has received an eight-game suspension for his actions this week according to Jon Heyman of Sports Ilustrated , which is on top of a seven-game suspension for throwing a ball at a fan in Philadelphia.

Morgan has appealed the original seven-game suspension and may see it reduced after a Phillies fan rushed to his defense , but his eight-game suspension for his latest actions are well deserved. He clocked Bryan Anderson for no reason, was benched the next day for the transgression and compounded the incident by calling out his manager.

Things ratcheted up when he bowled over a Marlins catcher in extra innings in a play that could have won the Nats a game had he slid. The catcher -- Brett Hayes -- will miss the rest of the season with injuries sustained in the crash. He then cussed out a Marlins fan and things finally came to a boil Wednesday night when the Marlins plunked Morgan.

The center fielder then swiped two bags, angering the Marlins more, feeling Morgan hadn't been taught his lesson. Chris Volstad threw at him again in the sixth (although he and manager Edwin Rodriguez have denied the purpose pitch -- but there's no denying the evidence). An honest-to-god fight then broke out between two teams (see video ) that featured some punches landing and a WWE-caliber clothesline of Morgan by Florida first baseman Gaby Sanchez.

The Marlins were to blame for the fight -- after all, the punishment was doled out in the plunking, and Morgan was within his rights to steal the bases. However, there's no questioning he's brought all this upon himself, and there's near-zero chance that his eight-game suspension will be reduced.

And in light of recent events, that seven-game suspension might stand, knocking Morgan out for 15 games. If he has any brains in him, he'll serve the suspensions immediately so he doesn't miss any time in 2011. It's not as if the team needs him now, anyways: the Nats are out of the postseason race and expanded rosters mean they can cover Morgan's absence in the field without losing any other players.

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post notes that Volstad was suspended six games, Alejandro Sanabia five and Gabe Sanchez three.

UPDATE : The Associated Press has revealed the rest of the suspensions. Nats pitcher Doug Slaten was docked three games for throwing at Sanchez in the seventh inning, and Jim Riggleman was suspended two games along with third-base coach Pat Listach (three games), who jumped in the beginnings of the fray and got in some shots at Volstad. Fish manager Edwin Rodriguez was docked one, and reliever Jose Veras was fined, as were all suspended players.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: December 11, 2011 2:58 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

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Posted on: September 7, 2010 1:18 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

You think brawls and fights and charging pitchers is a new thing in baseball?  Oh yeah, back in the day the batters just smiled and shook hands when they got dotted or peppered by a fastball.  I like how you don't have a problem with a guy getting thrown at twice.  The Marlins don't have an anger issue for throwing a 90 mile an hour fastball at a guy twice, but Nyjer Morgan is committing "horrific" acts.  How about you stand in and take getting thrown at by an MLB pitcher a couple times and see if you like it.  Baseball has every opportunity to resolve these gripes. 

A guy gets thrown at like that you should at the very least warn both sides and as soon as it happens again you run the pitcher and the manager of the offending team.  Baseball is so absurdly inconsistant.  The Yankees threw at Miguel Cabrera after being warned a couple weeks ago and they didn't even run anybody out of the game after hitting the batsman who had jacked two homers in the game.  This is the sport managed by Bud Selig who didn't do anything about steroids until congress knocked on his door.  Then Selig started a Barry Bonds witch hunt while ignoring the bad acts of the rest of most other players and not taking any responsibility for not having a comprehensive league drug policy until 2006.  We can't even get some instant replays to make sure that perfect games aren't destroyed by umpire mistakes.

Nyjer is wrong, unfortunately so is Major League Baseball, the Marlins organization and Bud Selig.

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Posted on: September 6, 2010 1:21 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

You're probably right about the  Milton Bradley comparison, but try not to be such a simpleton-I didn't say Morgan is "as good" as Pete Rose, I said his style of play was similar. I was trying to show how MLB has gone soft in the age of big contracts and free agency. This kid obviously has anger issues, no denying it. Try to keep things in context next time, this kid is obviously not in the same conversation with Pete Rose. But way to blow what I said out of proportion to make your point.

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Posted on: September 4, 2010 8:29 am

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

I absolutely love the game of baseball, but lately it has been like watching hockey games.
It seems fights are breaking out all over the place.  Mr. Morgan states that he is a hard player.
Unfortunately, he is coming across as a bully.  Ramming into catchers, seriously hurting one.
Attacking the fans, and then going after a pitcher.  I feel his 8 game suspension was not severe
enough.  He himself mentions that he is being made to feel like he is Mike Tyson.  Out of his
own mouth he has described his horrific behaviors.  We have umps and a commission that he
could take his gripes to if he feels he is being targeted.  Instead he has taken it upon himself
to judge and issue punishment.  I do not feel he understands or represents the american
game of baseball.  Shame on him.  To be disliked by so many must be an absolutely horrible
feeling.  He can and should change his behavior or he should go and seek a position with
a hockey team or go into boxing.

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Posted on: September 3, 2010 4:30 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

"a blind side aheap shot" what are you talking about??? have you ever seen a baseball fight where the guy who charged the mound didn't get jumped on by the whole team ????? You must not have seen that many bench clearing bralws. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS when a guy rushes the mound. Jeez, if I pick a fight with 9 guys and get roughed up a bit, can I then claim "cheap shot". That's ridicules, what was Gaby soposed to do, walk casully over to him and politely ask him not to beat up his team mate???? I mean come on.
Look Morgans own manager benched him because of his bush league antics in the series before the fish, the guy has a history of being a duech, and that's saying a mouthfull considering the short time he's even been in the majors. You don't get 15 games suspensions in the majors if your not dead wrong, the MLBPA is too strong and would have JUMPED to Morgans defense if they thought he was getting a raw deal. He got exactly what he deserves. I hope he gets his head together, he's a very talented guy, and his playing style is perfect in todays baseball. I hope he's able to keep up his intensity level without getting himself in to trouble, because his intensity is , in my oppinion, what makes him so good. Anyway, time will tell.
Yeah, I've seen a fight where the whole team didn't jump the batter.  You've probably seen Robin Ventura come after Nolan Ryan when the batter was hit in 1993.  Nolan put Ventura's head under his arm and gave him a beating.  You have a problem with Nyjer Morgan coming after Volstad, but the pansy move was throwing at Morgan a second time anyway.  You take a baseball and throw it at another man at 90 MPH two times in a game and then say that Morgan is the punk?  If Volstad thinks he's got nuts to flex, then fight Morgan like a man and see if you can channel Nolan Ryan.  Don't have Gaby Sanchez run over and blind side him.  It was Volstad's fight.  He asked for it when he threw at Morgan again.  Johnny Cueto kicking Jason LaRue in the face probably still thinks Gaby and Volstad don't have any stones. 

You suspend Morgan 8 games to protect the health and lives of the players, well then you should absolutely drill Gaby and Volstad for a bundle of games too.  Ask David Wright if being hit by a pitch is dangerous.  In fact, unless it's Kermit Washington charging the mound to shatter someone's face, Volstad put Morgan at more risk than Morgan did Volstad.  I'm not saying Morgan should get off easier, but I am saying Volstad deserves more than 6 games.  That's only one start for a pitcher.  Three games seems appropriate for Sanchez although he is a coward and should apologies for blindsiding a guy and I would agree that under that philosophy Morgan should apologies to Bryan Anderson.

As for Brett Hayes, no one likes to see guys get hurt, but trucking catchers is a violent and legal part of the game.  I don't see the MLB changing these rules anytime soon so catchers will continue to be at risk under the rules.

Bottom line is that I know Morgan was wrong, but the Marlins have some crosses to bear here too.

Since: Aug 18, 2006
Posted on: September 3, 2010 3:43 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

It seems MLB went soft on him since he already had a 7 game suspension. Realistically he should received a 12-15 game suspension for what happened in the Florida series. This article does not include everything that happened. Morgan would have scored easily if he slid behind the catcher, but instead he railroaded Hayes and injured the kid in a real  dirty play. Yeah Pete Rose played hard and railroaded a few guys, but what would Pete do? Win the game or get thrown out? Pete would have slid and won the game.

Morgan talked crap to a fan, and then after getting drilled he kept talking crap while on the bases. That is why he got thrown at a second time, not because of the stolen bases, because he kept running that mouth of his. The Marlins were getting ready to pull Volstad, but since Morgan kept going that is why they left him in to drill the guy again.

Gaby's 3-game suspension is well deserved. I don't believe he should have gotten more, because Listach rushed Volstad and got a couple punches on him. What do you do, let Morgan and Listach beat up Volstad? If you were at the game then you would have saw Listach rush Volstad at the same exact time Morgan broke for the mound which is why he beat out the Marlins entire infield except Gaby. Rodriguez should have gotten 4 games in my opinion. Riggleman should have gained one extra for his post-game comments, adnd Volstad ten games instead of 7. The other suspensions were just fine.

Since: Sep 2, 2010
Posted on: September 3, 2010 3:35 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

well said AES

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Posted on: September 3, 2010 3:31 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

Wow someone actually compared Morgans style of play to that of Pete Rose ???? That's a bit of a stretch isn't it. I wonder if Pete ever threw down his glove out of frustration, while the paly continued on, which then allowed the batter to get an inside the park home run???? I wonder if pete ever drilled a fan with a ball sending him to the hospital???? And I can guarantee you, not one of Petes managers ever benched him for  "lack of professionalism" which has happened toNyjer twice now in his young career. I think a comparison to Milton Bradley is a more accurate description.

This guy couldn't carry Petes jock strap!

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Posted on: September 3, 2010 3:31 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

Volstad should be suspended 12 games, Sanchez 12 games and Morgan should be gone for 20 games. His actions lately have been more than deserving for the 20 games (this includes the 7 from earlier). His actions at St. Louis were uncalled for and the collision the night before the melee was his to avoid. Being suspended by your own team lets us know the issues are severe.

Since: Sep 5, 2006
Posted on: September 3, 2010 3:24 pm

Nyjer Morgan suspended eight games

Yeah, that was no cheap shot. Cheap shots don't even exist when you decide to charge the mound. You get whatever you get. Now, Morgan blasting a catcher that gave him the plate? That was a cheap shot. This kid has the classic little man syndrome. He runs his mouth a lot to show what a tough guy he is, but when he finally wants to throw hands he gets his ass kicked.

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