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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

Posted on: August 27, 2010 9:51 am
Pablo Sandoval
One is too big, the other too small.

And Giants manager Bruce Bochy said both of his young stars, Pablo Sandoval and Tim Lincecum, need to get into the gym. The skipper made some frank comments Wednesday about how failure to be in shape has affected them.

"In this game, I don't think players should ever feel they've arrived," Bochy told the San Jose Mercury News. "They should always seek to improve. And not only in how they play, but what kind of shape they're in."

In Sandoval's case, that shape is round. "Panda" is a catchy nickname, but you don't want a panda playing third base -- which, given the 24-year-old's increasing size and decreasing range, he might not be able to continue to do for long. A move to first could be in his future.

Sandoval went through a "Camp Panda" program in Arizona last winter, attempting to slim down, but it didn't seem to take. He was listed at 262 pounds to start the season, though that number is simply whatever the team chooses to submit.

Bochy hinted that there might be a tough trainer on retainer to push Sandoval, who batted .330 last year in his first full season but has seen that drop to .276 this year, through next winter.

"Pablo and I will talk about that," Bochy said, smiling. "We may have somebody in mind already. That all will be addressed when the season is over."

Lincecum's delivery requires that he remain lithe and flexible, but the issues for him are cardiovascular conditioning and lower-body strength. Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt, also a power guy of relatively slight stature, told the San Francisco Chronicle that Lincecum's drop in velocity had to be a conditioning issue and that pitchers like them "have to do twice the work a bigger guy's going to do."

"With Timmy, it's all strength and stamina," Bochy said. "But I'll say this: He's taken responsibility already for putting in more time and effort into his workouts. He's been spending more time in the weight room. He's got a routine. But that has to carry throughout the offseason, too."

The manager is hopeful that the struggles of the young duo have served as a wakeup call about the importance of conditioning.

"They are two young players with special gifts and talents," Bochy said. "But you still have to work at all parts of the game, and that includes conditioning. Sometimes you learn in your second or third season how important that is. Players realize how hard they have to work to continue the level of performance they want to play at."

-- David Andriesen

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning


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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning


In the middle of summer last year, July 17th and after, his record 7-7 with a higher ERA...I recall reports he was impacted by the heat in some of the hotter games, hence the "wilted" remark...I believe he even admitted he doesn't like pitching in the heat. I suspect this is partially due to his conditioning, or lack of. It appears his conditioning is still a problem, unless you think 0-5 in August is good.

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

HAHAHA Whitetrash im pretty sure Lincecum gave up 6 earned tonight and took the L again, for the 5th straight time i think? HAHA he had is 2 good years and yea they were amazing years but i think he was pitching over his head and his velocity was much much higher. Now after 2 years of over powering people his arm is becoming weaker and without his velocity Lincecum is NOTHING. Mark my workds little Timmy will never be what he was the last 2 years. He will be an average pitcher at best the rest of his career. matt Cain is the best pitcher on that team. Giants pitching is overrated and it will show when they dont make the playoffs. Yea all their pitchers have ERA's in the 3's but none of them have stellar stats.  They have 2 good pitchers(NOT GREAT)and the other 3 are average. That being said the Giants probably wont make the playoffs although im not counting them out because they are right there. But if they do makw the playoffs they have no shot of winning a series. Fatso Pablo sandoval, hes a one year wonder...

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

@kac824 - I'm curious how Lincecum "wilted" in the 2nd half last year.

First half / Second half
2.33 / 2.67 (ERA)
1.050 / 1.044 (WHIP)
10.5 / 10.3 (SO/9inn)

What was that you were saying?

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

Timmy is a small guy but his pot insedent had no bearing on him winning the Cy Young. He won that before the pot thing. I love Timmy he is the Freak for his size. He will beat the Diamondbacks tonight and tear it up down the streach.

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Posted on: August 27, 2010 6:36 pm

Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

and , need to get into the gym. They havent played well this year maybe calling the players out is what they need to play better.

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

Remember a guy named Kirby Puckett?  How about Fernando Valenzuela?  Case closed.  You lose Bruce Botchy.

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Bochy calls out stars for conditioning

Bochy must be looking to leave the Giants. When he left the "winning" Padres to run the Giants I wondered why he did it. Now that he realizes why I thought that way (the Giants suck) he wants to leave, but does not want to look like a quitter. Publicly criticizing a team's stars is a good way to get fired or reprimanded. Tim Lincecum is the Franchise while Pablo Sandoval is the Big Panda. Why doesn't Bill Neukom publicly criticize Bochy's inept management style. They should have gotten Bud Black. Black has done much with the the Padres with lesser talent than what Bochy has ever done with a more talented Padres team. I'm just saying. If someone is going to public criticize someone then he should also be able to take his lumps in public. Bochy looks more like a baker than a baseball manager. Bochy makes Dusty Baker and Bob Geren look like hall of fame managers. 

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