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Phillies fan defends Nats' Morgan

Posted on: August 26, 2010 5:36 pm
Nyjer Morgan A Phillies fan wrote the Washington Post to defend Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan, who was suspended seven games on Wednesday for his actions in a game in Philadelphia last weekend.

Morgan reportedly threw a ball into the stands at a heckler that hit another fan. MLB called Morgan's actions "inappropriate."

Adam Holman was sitting in the same section and e-mailed the Post his view of the events, saying Morgan's toss was a "rainbow-style" throw and directed at a kid. Here's the Post 's Adam Kilgore with a synopsis of Holman's letter:
In Holman's recollection, Morgan began being heckled in the fourth or fifth inning. One made fun of how Morgan wore his socks high and pants baggy. Morgan, Holman wrote, laughed at some of the comments.

While the Nationals warmed up in the bottom of the eighth inning, Morgan played catch with left fielder Roger Bernadina. Before the inning started, Morgan looked at the crowd. A boy of about 12, Holman recalled, leaned over a railing and called for the ball.

Standing 30 or so feet away, Holman wrote, Morgan lobbed the ball "rainbow-style" in the direction of the boy. The ball sailed over the boy and smacked a fan who was looking in a different direction in the shoulder.

"It wasn't even directed towards the heckler," Holman wrote. "It's unfortunate that the ball was overthrown, but it shouldn't be Morgan's fault that the one guy in the section who wasn't paying attention got hit, there were a number of us standing up trying to catch the ball."
Morgan has appealed the suspension, but you can expect his agent will get in touch with Mr. Holman quicker than Morgan goes first-to-third.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Phillies fan defends Nats' Morgan

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Phillies fan defends Nats' Morgan

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Phillies fan defends Nats' Morgan

For a team whose fan base is usually comprised of the worst kind of fans, I'm so glad this fan came forward. Regardless of Nyjer's intentions, a 7 game suspension is completely unfair and came without much solid evidence on his intentions. I commend Mr. Holman, and hope this works out in Nyjer's favor.

The league is making him out to be Rob Dibble (the one who throw a ball back into the stands over 15 years ago and struck a pregnant women), which while ironic because he is a color analyst for the Nationals, is completely uncalled for it as ridiculous as it gets.

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