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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

Posted on: August 9, 2010 4:51 pm
Edited on: August 10, 2010 4:13 pm
Joey Cora A week after GM Jack Zduriencik said "Don's our manager ," repeatedly, Don is no longer manager.

Zduriencik fired Don Wakamatsu with less than two full season on the job Monday, stating he no longer had confidence in the skipper. To replace him, Triple-A manager Daren Brown has been summoned.

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times runs through a list of potential replacements, starting with Bobby Valentine, who has been one of the hottest names on the market since returning from Japan. Valentine figures to enter into yet another dalliance with the Marlins in the offseason as well as look into the Cubs job and possibly the Dodgers one, should Joe Torre depart. Torre himself may have eyes on the Cubs job.

Joey Cora (pictured) is another name that has been bandied about as a manager-in-waiting for a while. He has strong ties to Seattle from his playing days and has an apprenticeship under Ozzie Guillen.

Other names include Bryan Price and John Farrell, both pitching coaches. Teams have long been leery of hiring managers with pitching as their base, but the success of Bud Black is starting to change that perception. Farrell has long been a favorite of Zduriencik but turned down an opportunity to interview two years ago in the vacancy Wakamatsu eventually filled.

While Price -- currently Dusty Baker's pitching coach for the Reds, another name that may throw his hat in the Mariners ring -- would likely jump at the chance to interview, Farrell seems rather committed to staying in Boston and waiting out Terry Francona's tenure. However, Francona's deal runs through 2011 with two club options and Farrell's patience may eventually run thin.

There are plenty of other candidates, and there figures to be plenty of competition for managers in the offseason. After all, as many as half of all baseball teams may have skippers in their first full season at the helm to start 2011.

-- Evan Brunell

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

Dude, your reaching.  Lactose intolerant?  The whole era is tainted regardless.   I would hope Griffey and Thomas didn't use steroids, but only they know for sure.  Unfortunately, most of the baseball fans are taking a guilty unless proven innocent approach which is probably prudent.  Plus, what about speed and uppers.  It is well documented that they were used heavily.  Any foreign substance is tainting an accomplishment.  

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

Wow, and the moon landing was faked also. 

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

First off I agree 100% with "nixwinz"'s reply to the moronic comments by "Barak". But I'll go even a bit further. I believe that "Barak"'s whole post was a sham. It comes the the GOP's book of dirty tricks. You make the most outragously stupid comments on popular website (like CBS Sports), under a user name that most people would associate with you're "targeted" victim. In this case the poster is most likely a "ditto head", using an ID that most people would associate with the president. In a few peoples mind they will associate the stupid remarks to a Barack Obama supporter, and use it to "show how dumb democrats are". In reality the president is a avid sports fan, and as such, undoubtablly would discard "barak"'s comment as the pure rubbish they are.

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

Cal Ripken

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

First off, it is ridiculous to say Griffey used steroids, for all the reasons already listed by other users.  There is a little flawed logic in the health argument, though; it was said that McGwire and Sosa both were remarkably healthy late in their careers, but McGwire had horrendous knee problems by his mid-30's which forced him out of the game early, and Sosa also wrecked far earlier than one would expect of a steroid user.  Just saying is all...  Anyway, back to the actual topic of discussion, Wakamatsu had teams with fairly high expectations going into each of his seasons, and led each team to a miserable finish.  It may well be the GM's fault too, but it's tough to defend the manager of such a poorly under-performing team.  I knew Bobby Valentine would be the first name mentioned as a possible replacement, too; he is apparently a possible replacement for every manager in the game.  I find this funny, given a fairly lack-luster MLB career (yes, he did some good things with the Mets, but not good enough to keep him from getting fired).  Broken franchises need to stop with these re-tread managers and bring in fresh faces.  Mike Scoscia, Ozzie Guillen, Bud Black, Ron Washington, Ron Gardenhire, Joe Madden: all guys who took over loser franchises with no previous MLB managerial experience, and all guys who turned their team into a serious contender. 

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Who could replace Wakamatsu?

Barak you are a freaking Moron. Im taking it you never played sports. And have never been on Astro turf. Let me break this down so you can understand something about Jr.

If he did roids he would have hit more freaking HR than Barry I still have a needle stuck in my butt Bonds. He played in the freaking Kingdome.

Concrete under the turf. And I guess that when he went into an all our sprint and crashed into the wall and broke hist wrist that was roids and not the wall?

Do you have any idea what playing sports on Astro Turf is like? You are running at full speed and make a cut one way and your body still tried to go the way you where going. It takes a toll on your body. Also Jr did not like to work out. He had Natural talent. And the Best left handed swing in all of baseball ask Hall of famer Joe Morgan.

Oh and I guess when he got hit on the hand and broke the hanmate bone that was roids and not the case that he got hit by a 94 MPH fastball?

Why do you think there is no longer teams playing on astro turf? How many teams still play on astro turf? 

It kills your body it kills your joints. You are running on concreate and diving for balls on it. So to call him a roids user goes to show what a complete Moron you are.

Do us all a favor and  before you open you mouth pull your head outta you butt and know that you have no clue what the hell you are talking about. He has never been kinked to roids by anyone. So to call him one shows us all what a complete moron you really are. 

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