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Steinbrenner envy

Posted on: July 13, 2010 11:47 am
Edited on: July 13, 2010 2:01 pm
Growing up a Royals fan, George Steinbrenner was the enemy. He wore the black hat and wore it proudly.

For young me, he was the easy villain -- he showed no loyalty, firing everyone in sight, throwing around money as freely as his temper. It was an easy target.

As I got older, I realized what Steinbrenner really was, the rare owner who wanted to win as much -- if not more -- than any fan. He was the new (and still rare) breed who owned a team like a fan. He did whatever was necessary to win, putting that above the dollar. In so, he made many dollars. He bought low and took the Yankees and game to new heights.

More than anything, Steinbrenner was the type of owner you wanted as a fan. Everything he did -- right and wrong -- was due to his desire to win. He was the anti-David Glass, caring more about winning than the bottom line. To Steinbrenner, winning helped the bottom line and in the end, he was proven correct. It was certainly an advantage he owned the Yankees instead of the Indians, there are inherent advantages in owning a team in New York, but it took a special person to figure that out (ask a Dolan how that works).

In the end, Steinbrenner is the father of modern baseball. He took full advantage of his bully pulpit and brought the bidding wars to baseball and won his fair share and more of those.

There are plenty of negatives to Steinbrenner, but today's not the time for that. Steinbrenner's legacy is winning. He died with the Yankees in first and the reigning World Champions, in the end, that's exactly how he'd want it.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Steinbrenner envy

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Steinbrenner envy

No fan who ever wished they could be an owner could find fault with anything Steinbrenner did. As a RedSox fan, I cannot believe I'm typing these words, but yet the Sox have to some degree bought into the "Steinbrenner Way" as well. We all, if we had our way, would do whatever the system would allow, to win EVERY season.
      Sure he had the benefit of the being in New York, loads of money, etc. None of which were his fault. He was a astute and brilliant businessman. He also loved his team.
; Here is the reality. The issues with Major League Baseball are NOT and were NEVER the fault of George Steinbrenner. The fault rests with OTHER owners and we, the fans. Yes we are part of the problem AND the solution. 
; As long as fans turn out in Pittsburgh,Kansas City, Milwaukee, Cleveland and owners reap the "gate, food and merchandise" profits, those without Steinbrenner's passion for his team will NEVER feel any pressure to do any more. WHY? Fans show up no matter what takes the field, but the merchandise, etc. There are waaaay more of them than those of Steinbrenner's ilk, and that is truly sad. If we'd just stop going and buying.....hoping against hope. But that will never happen. PT Barnum was right about the "sucker being born every minute". Reality is, Steinbrenner took action and invested, whether wisely or unwisely back in his team. NO ONE could ever question his motives. Why own a team if your goal is not to win EVERY year?
;  Rest in Peace, "Big Stein", you were truly one of a kind. As a child who came of age in the 70's, you certainly made a huge impact on the baseball wourld I came to know as a child. I "hated" you as the rival owner of "the evil empire" but grew to understand and respect your motivations as I matured. My only wish is that more owners in all sports had the passion for their "investment" as you. How better the sports world would be for ALL of us fans were that the case.

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 2:22 pm

Steinbrenner envy

Growing up a Yankees fan George Steinbrenner was never someone I rooted for.  If he pained my Yogi or Billy then he really made me angry.
But never, ever did those of us who read about the Toppings and Rupperts and rooted for the Yankees who died before we were born, never did our frustration last long enough for us to fail to give thanks that we had George compared to the myriad of owners who could not match The Boss in money, guts, and desire.

He was as flamboyant as many true Yankees and whether we saw him "acting" in THE SCOUT or watched George Costanza and Seinfeld parody him, it was all good.

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